I was born in 1990 in a small village in central Sweden. Like many others, I gained an interest in computers through games and such. Unlike many others, I was good at both design and programming.

In 2009, I moved to Canada for a year. I worked and traveled, lived and visited Calgary and Vancouver. Spent a month in Hawaii. Back home again, I started freelancing in web design and gained a huge amount of experience when working with agencies and clients.

In 2011, I began studying at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. In university I grew enormously as a person (kind of like Johan 2.0) and had the best time in my life (so far).

However, life sometimes has unexpected events in store for you. In my case, it came when I worked with Lookback during the summer of 2014. What began as a consultancy escalated into a proposal of full employment, where I took the decision to drop my plans on taking a Master’s in Interaction Design. I haven’t looked back since (pun intended).

I tweet from Twitter. I push code to GitHub. I show off designs on Dribbble. I post texts, pictures, and poems on Tumblr.

Right now, I like working with Javascript (or CoffeeScript, to be honest), in Meteor.

Want music while programming?

Check out this Spotify playlist of mine, it's pretty nice.

4,000+ followers can't be wrong.

Want to read code?

The source of this site is available at johanbrook/johanbrook.com.

Yes. Johanbrook.com is for #openness.

Code & Stuff

Things I've coded and co-coded.

My more formal curriculum vitae is available at LinkedIn and Stack Overflow Careers, and also as pdf.

Bye for now.