A little bit about me:

I like building things for the web. You'd probably enjoy grabbing a beer or coffee with me. I also like reading, writing, strolling around in cities, playing the guitar, coffee, cooking, and photography.

I've been designing and writing code for around seven years now. So far, I've avoided to put myself under one label – to specialise in one thing only – and instead gone for this Jack of all Trades role in the various teams I've had the pleasure of working with. I like all things graphic and digital design, front and backend development, product and strategy, typography and API design, copywriting and CSS architecture.

I love traveling. I lived in Canada for a year before university, where I went completely offline and worked as a barista. In September 2015, I embarked upon this nomad thing of traveling the world while working remote. So far, I've lived and worked in Vienna, London, San Francisco, New York, Montréal, Asunción, Rio de Janeiro, and Copenhagen. Keep an eye out on "Now" for updates. Give me a shout if we're in the same city! As of January 2018, I've settled in Stockholm, Sweden.

…more stuff

I tend to value things such as communication, iteration, and exploration when working.

This usually shows itself as an outspoken love for and interest in

high paced iterations, shipping, experimenting with UI animations, front-end architecture, writing tests, functional reactive programming, writing about my findings, delightful copywriting, laughter, ever evolving and explorative work in building product teams, and working smarter.

But above all, I value


I know my way around

Javascript, HTML/CSS, typography, user research, <insert Javascript framework>, designing human interfaces, remote working, automated testing, REST APIs, writing READMEs.

I'm curious about

Functional programming, doing more open source work, GraphQL.

Thanks for visiting!