1. Using streams in React with Hooks ->

    3 min Pairing React Hooks with Streams works beautifully, and leads to components with less verbosity and boilerplate. In this post, I convert a class component to a function component using hooks.

  2. Styled components in a virtual DOM ->

    6 min Learn how to create re-usable styled components in a virtual DOM. This post describes how one can use functional CSS (small, atomical classes) together with a higher order component and create pre-styled components.

  3. My Spaghetti Bolognese ->

    5 min My recipe for making a good spaghetti bolognese. Includes stuff I've learned on my own, and from various other recipes from books and the internet. The main takeaway is to use good tomato sauce!

  4. Balancing personal energy and greatness in product design ->

    3 min Many programmers and designers with little startup experience are colliding with the "business folks" at a company in the beginning, since the latter always are optimising for financial success. The former are usually optimising for correctness, order, and simplicity in all their forms. In a startup's case, its survival is hanging on financial success (VC, profitability – in one way or another), so the former group has to release their desire for correctness, and get on the train. It's painful, but totally doable.

  5. My Personal Gym FAQ ->

    4 min So I started going to the gym and wrote about my initial experiences in FAQ form, since it's easier writing dialogue as opposed to ranting by myself.

  6. On interacting and learning from users in support ->

    5 min For every creator, publishing your work for the masses is both exhilarating and mortifying. For a startup, you're dying for feedback and usage, in order to boost your metrics, and if you're charging money, it even becomes more serious. In one way or another, you're in for interacting with users/customers (I'll use the former term in this post).