1. On Socialising ->

    5 min One thing I've noticed during my past half ish year of traveling outside of Europe is the difference in how young people interact and socialise with each other, compared to the customs in my native country Sweden.

  2. Intimate remote work ->

    4 min In Lookback, we've had the notion of being able to work remote as a baseline since day one. Here are some of my thoughts on the deeper end of working remote, on personal levels.

  3. Shipped with fear ->

    3 min There is a thing that every developer has to do at some point – ship. By ship I refer to the act of deploying, pushing the button, publishing your work for a wide mass. This act is central in our industry: blog posts like this one have been written, there have been talks on the subjects, and methodologies (like Continous Delivery, Continous Integration) invented to deal with the pain points associated with shipping. Hell, there are even roles (devops, sysops) for easening the burden of moving code from one system to another. Why, oh why are we conscious and sometimes afraid of shipping our work?

  4. What's new in Safari 9 ->

    3 min I'm attending WWDC 2015, and during the web development session, Apple's Safari team showed off what's new in Safari 9. It includes iOS style effects, such as backdrop filters and scroll snapping with CSS, ES6 updates, other CSS niceties.

  5. Pain points & Incentives ->

    2 min When working with building features in a product, I usually need some emotional attachment to them. You can't make them good unless you believe in them and really understand the problem you're trying to solve. This is of course Johan-stating-the-obvious, but I experienced this the other day.

  6. What's happened so far ->

    6 min

    ![Lookback team](/assets/posts/team-lookback.jpg)
    I haven't written here for almost a year now, and some things have happened since.

  7. Writing contextual CSS ->

    3 min Organization and structure of CSS might be one of the largest difficulties for beginners as for professionals in web design. It is hard writing good CSS. It is somewhat easer with pre-processors (SCSS, LESS, Stylus), but they'll only give you the tools: it's up to you how to use them (what I can't do without is the @import feature).

  8. "Master of many trades" ->

    1 min

    We hear the descriptive words psychopath and sociopath all the time, but here’s a new one: monopath. It means a person with a narrow mind, a one-track brain, a bore, a super-specialist, an expert with no other interests — in other words, the role-model of choice in the Western world. Great text about things I've written or linked to before: how being wide in your interests and learning really is a great way of living. Personally, I am able to connect things that I previously thought were separate, building bridges between areas, and seeing things in a larger perspective, giving me a deeper understanding of the subject and thus a unique satisfaction with what I am currently doing.